Monday, November 14, 2011

The Show

I've been off the radar for a few weeks, as preparation for a few big events has been consuming most of my waking thoughts and actions (besides parenting and the normal house-wifey stuff that goes along with that).

Saturday was the first of those scheduled big events - it was a "Christmas Card Workshop and Mega Scrapbook Sale" and it was phenomenal!

Since resigning as a CTMH consultant in April, many of my former customers have been begging me to teach classes again. While I can't commit to doing monthly events, I thought I'd throw them a special Christmas Card workshop, as it was one of the most well attended events in previous years.  In addition, I had hundreds of stamp sets to clear out, and dozens and dozens of paper packs, embellishments, and more to sell off.

So the stage was set, and my sweet husband even made a few loves of his famous bread (along with yummy spinach artichoke dip and salmon dip), and a fantastic group of ladies came out for carols, cards, and stocking up on everything paper-crafty.

Here are photos of my "classroom" all set up.  The 4 tables in the middle of the room held the workshop cards, and the outer edges of the room had all the goodies up for grabs.

Pre-made cards for sale, and an empty spot for the bread.

New and used stamp sets for sale:

Everything on this table was $2

 Everything on this table was $1

Some miscellaneous items for sale:

A small collection of Nona Pearl Creations items for sale...

The card workshop tables:

These were the cards I designed for the workshop.  I charged $1 a card, and people could make as few or as many as they liked.

 I have quite a few stamp sets and other things left over.  I think I may start a new tab on the blog for the leftovers if people are interested.  It seems faster and easier than ebay.  Look for the tab to go live in a day or two, and for things to be added periodically as I have time.

Now I'm off to knit, as there are still 2 more big shows to gear up for!  The next one is this coming Friday and Saturday!  Have a great week!


sharalyns said...

Woohoo! I'm bummed I missed it, but I'm looking forward to a "leftovers" tab. :-)

judy anderson said...

Wow I'm empressed and you are pregnant too.

Ann said...

I cant wait for the leftovers tab. I saw a few things I wouldnt mind buying from you. Good luck on the show this weekend!!

Vanessa Middleton said...

Your space looks awesome and I'm glad your day went well. I actually have the same rug from IKEA and the Expedits, too. :)

Jody said...

I'll be watching for the leftovers tab too!