Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mara Shawl

I recently finished another big project that had been on the needles/in my yarn bowl since Christmas.

This is the Mara Shawl (free ravelry download) - knit in City Tweed by Knit Picks.  I was excited to try out this tweed yarn, and was surprised by how soft it was!  I think it would make a great fisherman style sweater, or mittens as well.  The only downside is that it is handwash only.  But it sure knits up beautifully.

I knit the shawl as a gift for my sweet mother-in-law, Marie.  Doesn't it look great on her?  She can wear it as shown, or use a shawl pin with it.  :)  It was a belated Christmas gift, but still well received.

Be sure to check back tomorrow.  I"ll be posting pictures of a new sweater in progress for the baby boy!  I might need to start looking into sweaters for our girls, so they don't get jealous of all the hand knits I'm doing for their brother!  I just love knitting tiny things!

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Jenn Embry said...

This is beautiful! It looks great on her. I'm usually not a fan of tweed yarns but I love the way this yarn has worked up. I may have to add some to my next Knitpicks order.