Monday, February 20, 2012

It's a Bird! It's a Plane?

There are SO many pregnant women in our church right now, and about 6 of us are all due within 3-4 weeks of each other.  This makes for lots of excitement, and also lots of baby showers.

I hosted a baby shower for my dear friend, Natalie yesterday.  We are both having boys, and she is due just 5 days after me!  It will be interesting to see which of us delivers first - or even if we deliver on the same day. :)  Our daughters are already good friends, so it will be great for our sons to grow up together too.

In honor of her husband's love of planes (he's a licensed private pilot), they plan to decorate their nursery with an airplane theme.  I was browsing toy knitting websites and came across this little plane pattern that I knew would be perfect!  I had it finished about a week ago, but didn't want to ruin any surprises in case Natalie read my blog.

Here it is!  It measures about 9" long with about a 9" wingspan, and every bit of it is squishy and soft.  I hope her son enjoys snuggling it and chewing on it to his little heart's content.

There was a humorous moment during the shower when Natalie opened it.  She held it upside down, and thought it was a bird (green beak, blue head, grey wings), and she kept asking if I had knit it, and saying how cute it was.  I finally asked if she knew what it was, and turned it the right direction.  Then she really got it, and was overjoyed.  Sometimes knitted gifts are like that.  I'm glad everyone could get a good laugh out of it, and regardless of bird or plane, she seemed pleased - which made me happy.

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Jean M. said...

Your knitted plane is too CUTE:)