Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Just a few fun and random things to post today.

First - we have a winner of my awesome stamp set give away.  Congrats to Laurie G. who sent in 2 sets of cards that she made using my 10 from 3 template.  Here are her cute cards!  I'll be mailing out your huge prize today!  Thanks for playing.  :)

In other news... it's SNOWING and it's LEAP DAY!  How weird is that.  Here is the view out our front window.  All I can say is that I"m sooooo glad to not be in labor today (at least not yet).  It has been my prayer that our son will come in March, and I especially did not want him to come today.  And now that we have snow falling, I'm even more grateful to be snug as a bug in my warm home.

I also wanted to share the cutest thing ever.  We didn't get many pictures from my baby shower on Sunday, but I had to show off the amazing Diaper Cake that my mom made.  It was SERIOUSLY fantastic...  check it out!

My two favorite parts of the diaper cake had to be the little football leather shoes, and the gameboy cell phone cover (you can see this best in the 3rd photo).  I still have a gameboy (the original) with a ton of games and it still works!  Samantha plays on it all the time.  Actually, we all do!  :) 

Sorry for the randomness of this post.  It's a crazy day, so a crazy post is okay.  Enjoy your leap day!

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