Friday, August 24, 2012

Hosea's First M's Game

Last week Dave unexpectedly was given tickets to that night's Mariner game.  It had been AGES since we had gone on a date, and our sweet friend stepped in to watch the girls so we could go (with Hosea).

We had the best time at the game. Apparently, the M's treat babies like gold.  Every attendant we passed oohed and aahed over him, and gave him a baseball card.  We got his picture with the Moose.  And he got his very own "my first Mariner game" certificate and poster for free!

Of course, our seats also made our experience pretty amazing.  We were in the FRONT row and first base was literally 20 feet ahead.  The guys in the press/photography box below us were the only ones who had a better seat.  And just to our left was the Mariner dugout - so we could see and talk to (yell at) the players as they came and went.  Dave and I weren't that vocal, but the guy next to us was, and he had 2 different players toss him baseballs for his kids!

The game itself was a bit boring.  (We missed King Felix's perfect game by just one day!)  The Rays scored twice in the first inning, we scored once in the second, and then it remained scoreless until the bottom of the 9th!  And just as Hosea fell asleep in my arms, it got REALLY exciting.  A sacrifice fly brought the tying run home, and then with 2 outs, and 2 strikes, Thames hit a single to center field bringing home the winning run.  The stadium erupted with cheering fans, Hosea woke up and started crying, and all the M's ran on to the field in jubilation.

It was pretty spectacular, especially since neither Dave nor I can remember the last time we went to an M's game where they actually WON!  And, since we had a front row seat, we stayed for the on field, game MVP interview with Thames, where he got a little surprise of his own!  LOL...


Jessica said...

I was going to say those were some awesome seats! That always makes the game so much better. Looks like a fun night and OMG your hair has gotten so long and of course your little guy is adorable as always.

Anonymous said...

Aah...we had such a wonderful time.

These are great pics, hon! Nice work!