Tuesday, August 21, 2012

De-Stashing Part 3

Woohoo... it feels so good to pass along my treasures to others who will really enjoy them.  :)

Here's my stash of gently used stamp sets.  Prices are as follows:
A - $1, B-$2, C-$3, D-$4

Shipping costs:
1-2 sets - $1.50
3-4 sets - $2.50
5-8 sets - $5 (priority)
9+ sets - $8 (priority)

OR buy all 13 used sets for $35 including shipping!  Over a $180 value!


Lalia said...
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nonapearl said...

I emailed you Lalia!

roxybonds said...

If you have the set Gymnastics for sale will you let me know :)

Lalia said...

I received them! How about that for a 24 hour turn around?
Thanks again!