Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cookie and Magazine Sales

I'm so proud of my Samantha girl.  She's come a long way in the last 3 years socially.  She used to be incredibly shy and anxious, but has blossomed into a confident, outgoing leader!

Last week the school began its annual magazine and cookie fundraiser campaign.  In First Grade, Samantha desperately wanted to earn prizes by selling, but was so shy that she burst into tears just thinking about asking people to make a purchase.  I had to guide her word by word through the little script we made as she tearfully called her grandma on the phone.  But the excitement and joy that took over when Grandma said yes was overwhelming, and she immediately asked to call all the rest of her relatives.

This year, she wanted to take it a step further.  She asked if we could post about it on Facebook.  I said yes, but then asked if she wanted to make a video of herself explaining what she was doing, and what her goals were.  Sam jumped at the chance - she carefully wrote out a script, practiced it a few times, and after just 3 takes she picked her favorite video and we uploaded it to Facebook.  Then she begged daddy to go door to door in the neighborhood.  It had me shaking my head asking, "Who is this little girl?!? Where did my shy Sam go?"

I'm so proud of her eagerness and enthusiasm, so I just have to show off her video.  She has already met her goal with two weeks left!  I'm so proud!

PS... we aren't able to ship the cookie dough, but if you are interested in ordering some magazines, email me privately and I'll send you her code.  No pressure though, she's already made her goal, and the video is about me showing off how proud I am - not to solicit sales.  :)

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