Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happy Halloween!  We spent our night at our church Harvest Party just like we always do.  It's safe, fun, and most importantly - out of the rain!  I did snap a few shots of us in our costumes on the porch before it got dark.

Hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Farm

Today was about as perfect as a fall day in Seattle can get.  With our schedule being totally full through the end of the month, we decided to play hooky from church, and take the family to the pumpkin farm.

I had purchased a Living Social coupon, so this farm was new to us - but it was great!  We went to Bailey's Vegetable Farm in Snohomish.  It's a much smaller pumpkin patch than we usually go to, but this also meant fewer lines, fewer people, and a more intimate experience.

We got to the farm at around 9:30 this morning, and spent the next 2 hours playing in the barn (they had two big tire swings, a small hay maze, tricycles than had been converted into John Deer Tractors, and a hay mountain for climbing), playing outside, picking out pumpkins, taking a hay ride, traipsing through the corn maze, and playing wiffle ball!  We even beat the rain by a few hours - enjoying the overcast, but dry sky all morning.

The girls were super sweet the whole day, and Hosea cooperated even though he missed his morning nap.  We finished our adventure with lunch at McD's, and were home in time for naps and to watch the Seahawk's game (WHOOHOOO!!!! Go Hawks!).

Out of the 267 pictures I took, these were the ones I just *HAD* to edit and post tonight.  They positively could not wait.  I can't stand all the cuteness!  Have I mentioned that fall/pumpkin farm pictures are my all time favorite event to shoot?!?  I don't know if its the colors, or the pretty landscape, or that we're all wearing hand knits again.  There's just something about fall that lifts my spirits and makes me want to capture family memories.  

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Decor Sale

Whew!  It feels great to be done with markets for a few weeks.  But there's no rest for the weary around here.  Now's the time to start creating and stockpiling product for my winter shows!  My goal is 30 more pairs of gloves, 20 more hats, 50 crinkle tag lovies, and a couple dozen Christmas ornaments!  Do you think I can do it?

Because there are still plenty of days left for Halloween and Fall decorations - but I have no upcoming shows, I'd like to offer these beautiful banners at a great discount!  They are created with 100% cotton fabric, and the letters are 100% wool felt that have been carefully die cut and embroidered by hand.

They all normally sell for $24 but I'm offering them here for only $20 - including shipping (in the US).

I only have 5 available - 2 "Boo!", 2 "Fall" - first fabric shown, and 1 "Fall" second fabric shown.

Message me here or send me an email if you are interested.  This deal is only good here - not on my etsy site.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I only have a minute to blog tonight, but just had to share these pictures!  You might have remembered when I was pregnant, I knit this sweater for my little Hoss.   Well, he's big enough to wear it now, and boy is he a cutie pie in it.  :)

The sweater is called "Owlet" and the pattern is by Kate Davies and you can find it HERE on

Monday, September 24, 2012


My friend Jeni is so multifaceted!  She is graceful, kind, soft spoken, a true friend, SO stylish, and above all an incredible artist!  I'm insanely jealous of the fact that she has spent much of the last four years studying and perfecting her art in Nice, France.

I turned 30 last year, and one of my FAVORITE gifts was an original canvas made by Jeni (gifted by Wendi).  It happily sits atop my desk, and I often gaze at while writing, scrapbooking, and designing.


Would you believe that Jeni paints, draws, stamps, works with fabrics and other mixed media and is also a gifted photographer?  She just has an eye for beauty.  There's no other way to describe it.

Here are some of my favorite photos that she has taken.  Do they look familiar?  That's right!  Jeni did the photo shoot for my "Freya Gauntlet" pattern.  

I wanted to introduce my sweet friend to you because she has exciting news!  She just opened her Etsy Shop "Magniflora", which means that you have the opportunity to bring a little bit of Jeni into your home!  I hope that you will go check it out.  She is willing to create custom pieces for you or your loved one.  Be sure to keep checking back too!  She plans to keep adding more wonderful pieces of artwork soon.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cookie and Magazine Sales

I'm so proud of my Samantha girl.  She's come a long way in the last 3 years socially.  She used to be incredibly shy and anxious, but has blossomed into a confident, outgoing leader!

Last week the school began its annual magazine and cookie fundraiser campaign.  In First Grade, Samantha desperately wanted to earn prizes by selling, but was so shy that she burst into tears just thinking about asking people to make a purchase.  I had to guide her word by word through the little script we made as she tearfully called her grandma on the phone.  But the excitement and joy that took over when Grandma said yes was overwhelming, and she immediately asked to call all the rest of her relatives.

This year, she wanted to take it a step further.  She asked if we could post about it on Facebook.  I said yes, but then asked if she wanted to make a video of herself explaining what she was doing, and what her goals were.  Sam jumped at the chance - she carefully wrote out a script, practiced it a few times, and after just 3 takes she picked her favorite video and we uploaded it to Facebook.  Then she begged daddy to go door to door in the neighborhood.  It had me shaking my head asking, "Who is this little girl?!? Where did my shy Sam go?"

I'm so proud of her eagerness and enthusiasm, so I just have to show off her video.  She has already met her goal with two weeks left!  I'm so proud!

PS... we aren't able to ship the cookie dough, but if you are interested in ordering some magazines, email me privately and I'll send you her code.  No pressure though, she's already made her goal, and the video is about me showing off how proud I am - not to solicit sales.  :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First Day of School

I've had plans to post these shots for over a week!  Here is Sam on her first day back to school.  It's going to be an exciting year.  I'm amazed at what is expected of my big second grader, and all that she will learn.