Thursday, July 30, 2009

Can you stand one more knitting project?

I really should change my blog name to Nona's "Purls" of wisdom with all of the knitting I've been posting lately.

Here is a knit for hire project I finished a few days ago. The sweater is once again a modified version of the snowflake sweater in "Knitting for Baby" - the same pattern I used for Sammie's sweater. I used Cascade Fixation yarn. It's mostly cotton with a touch of spandex, so it works great for baby projects. This sweater is a 6-12 month size, and I had already knit hat and socks for this particular customer in the same yarn, just a different colorway. :) I really appreciate the repeat businss and her baby boy, Cameron (who is due to be born any day) will look so adorable in it! If she sends me any pictures of him all dolled up I'll be sure to post. (hint, hint, Kari!)


Keeley Kirwan said...

That is a beautiful sweater Nona. I love the bright blue color!! He will look very handsome in it!! :o)

Sharli said...

What a beautiful color Nona!!! YUMMY