Sunday, April 18, 2010

No Paper?

You might be wondering where I've been and what happened to all my paper?

Well, the short story is that we've been living out of a suitcase for the past 2 weeks and paper isn't all that portable.  Our house is *almost* done and within the next 1-2 weeks we should be able to move in and get back to normal (busy) living.

The longer version is that I have indeed been working with both paper and knitting A LOT the past two weeks, but all of my paper creations are either top secret, or works in progress that I'm not able to share yet!

As a CTMH consultant, I have access to the new Idea Books (in this case the Summer 2010 Idea Book) a month before it goes live to the public.  I've been working my tail off getting samples and class projects done with all of the scrumptious new papers and embellishments.  So come May 1st I will have a plethora of of lovely things to post for you!

In addition, I've been a busy knitter and designer.  I have series of pattern releases coming up soon.  But in the  mean time it means lots of needle work, and not as much time on the computer.

Also - wonderful, wonderful news!  Studio J will be released in just over ONE WEEK!  Monday, April 26th is the magical day and I can't wait for you to have an opportunity to try it for yourself!

So, if you can just hold on for a bit longer, I will have amazing artwork to share.

In the meantime, check out this fantastic commercial I discovered on one of my favorite knitting store's blog (Twisted).  I can't even begin to imagine how much work this took, but it is absolutely creative and visually stunning!  I <3 it.


Sharli said...


I'm sitting here with a BIG grin and shaking my head! Only YOU would share this commercial - and I totally GET IT! Thanks - it made me smile.


Donna said...


Jeanne said...

While you've certainly been missed, you have a lot on your plate with your upcoming move, let alone creating projects of any kind! I will look forward to seeing all you have to share when you get settled.

That commercial is fantastic! My jaw dropped. It's just too bad they don't credit who actually did all the work. They certainly deserve KUDOS (and loads of cash) for all their efforts. Thanks so much for sharing!