Saturday, January 22, 2011

Etsy Updated! (finally)

I was able to get 3 new listings up in my ETSY store yesterday.  YAY!  And i'll work on getting a few more up this weekend too.  It feels great to finally have an etsy site that isn't totally lame.  :)

I started by posting a few Ollie Owl Hats...

Ollie Owl Hat - Toddler Size, Dark Green

Ollie Owl Hat - Infant Sized, Dark Purple

Ollie Owl Hat - Toddler Sized, Dark Red

To get the photos, I set up a little photography tent thing (I honestly don't know the correct word for it - LOL) but thought I'd share a picture for you all to see.  My pictures aren't insanely spectacular or anything, but it might help some of you out who take photos of cards, or knits or whatever.  The only thing that works better is going outside to take those shots!  :)


Jena said...

I have GOT to make an owl hat for my little Brailee, she just loves owls - these are TOO cute! You are so super talented!

~Mychl said...

I LOVE your owls!!! I love that their ears are tied!! adorable!!!!