Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mommy/Daughter Date Day

Samantha and I hadn't gone out on a special "Girls Day Out" in a while, so on Sunday we rectified that.  We started our afternoon off with Blue C Sushi.  Samantha was so sweet. She asked to go there, "because I know it's your favorite place to eat mom, and I like it too."

I tried the new "Snapdragon Roll".  I can't remember everything in it, but it does include spicy tuna and tempura green beans wrapped in white seaweed?, served on a dollop of sweet mango? relish.    It was pretty tasty, but I'm still more partial to my fave - the "Godzilla Roll".  Sam wasn't too adventurous - sticking to her California and cucumber rolls.  I did get her to taste a tiny bite of Unagi Nigiri (eel) and she said she liked it "a little bit".  

Next we were off to the stores.  The Princess Ball Valentine Dance is coming up at our church, and it is the highlight of little Samantha's year.  So we went dress shopping.

First we stopped at Macy's...

Next it was Justice (oh Heaven help me... how is my baby old enough/big enough to shop here?!?!)

Then on the way to J.C. Penny's we deicded to make a pit stop at Nordstroms and look at their sale section.

Check out her socks.  She does this on purpose don't you know.  I think she's going to be an artist like her momma.  ;)

This one was $78.  Ack!

This one was just a smidge too small.  But it was sooooo cute that I bought it for Ruby (in her size of course). For $25, how could i not?

As soon as she started calling it her "wedding dress" this one was out.

And finally, we have a winner!  (At $23 it was a steal!)

Since we got such a great deal, we went and got shoes to match.  Then we picked up Ruby and went to Ikea with my mom.  We had an awesome time shopping, ate some fantastic meatballs, then stopped for ice cream on the way home.  All in all - it was a fabulous girls day out.  :)


Jena said...

Looks like fun - except the sushi ;-P Sammy looks like she had a blast - TFS!

Karen Pedersen said...

What a great memories you are creating!

Sharli said...

What a fabulous day, Nona! Sammie looks so beautiful in that gorgeous dress - it's very striking!

Crafty Jenn said...

What an awesome day! Sushi, shopping, and Ikea?! All my favorite things! Glad you girls had a great time.

<3 Jenn