Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's On My Needles

I have posted about "What's On My Needles" lately... so here we go!

1.17.11 - I finished my socks - and they FIT!  :)  I was worried there for a few days of knitting on them, but a nice thing about rows with purling mixed in is that it adds instant stretch!

Just as a reminder, the pattern is the October Mystery Pattern from Andrea of the "Through the Loops" blog.  I stopped the "tiny trowell" pattern 3 repeats into the foot because I was getting bored and just wanted to be done with them.  I knit them in Mini Mochi sock weight yarn.  Even though these skeins were from the same dye lot, they didn't change colors in the same way.  So they weren't totally symmetrical with color.  Normally this would bother me.  But since it's been close to 2 years since I made a pair of socks for myself, it's perfectly fine!  They feel great and I love them.

1.18.11 - Been working on a pair of Lily Beaded gloves for Trish.  Finally finished them (minus the thumbs) last night.  I started watching Miami Ink while I was finishing the first thumb, and became so engrossed in the show that I had to put my knitting down.  Hehe.. I love me so good tattoos.  ;)

(terrible phone pic...sorry!)

Today I have something truly wonderful cast on... but I'm going to hold off on posting about that until tomorrow.  Ya, I'm a tease... but you know you love it!

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Jeanne said...

Fun projects, Nona. I'm glad you don't forget yourself when you are knitting, although I know just how easy it is to do. Looking forward to the next!