Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Altered Clothespins

Here is a quick look at a new offering for this year's market.  Altered Clothespins!

One of my newest hat and glove displays is a really cool window frame (I'm holding it) and lattice screen (seen behind me).  I got these from the Painted Lady in Centralia.

I plan to run clothes line on these and use decorated clothespins to hang my accessories.  I thought that if people saw the clothespins, they might want sets for themselves!  So I have been making extra and then packaging the up with some vintage lace and burlap.

The pictures are a bit glaring from the cellophane, but I think you can get the idea.  I was even able to use antique lace on some of the clothespins!  They turned out really neat.  :)


Lydia Bryant said...

Ahhhhhh, so cute as always. Such a neat and creative idea.

Priemer Family said...

Hi! Did you use lace or fabric or ribbon (or some of everything!) on your clothespins? I love them!!

nonapearl said...

I used lace and paper. :)

Unknown said...

just found your blog via someone pinning one of your pictures. Just signed up as your newest follower. YOu can visit/follower me at http://cutonedesignsbyrobin.blogspot.com/
HOw much do you sale your altered cloths pins for?

nonapearl said...

Hi Robin,
I actually don't sell these anymore. They were a product I carried last season, but my line changes periodically. :)