Thursday, June 23, 2011

More Freya Gauntlets

Another new product for market this year are my Freya Gauntlets.  I've shown them a few times, but these are new colors.  I also have a beautiful royal blue pair and an olive green pair just about done.  The gauntlets are like fingerless gloves in that they come to the first knuckle on the hand, but there isn't any thumb - so in that way they are more like long, fitted sleeves.  They fit to just below the elbow.

These are knit up in Andean Silk, an amazing blend of 55% super fine alpaca, 23% silk, and 22% merino wool by Knit Picks.  They are so incredibly soft, but also warm and luxurious feeling.

1 comment:

Sheila Bennett said...

These are so pretty, and they look so 'fancy.' I tried cables, but have not been successful. lol

BTW, really like the colors that you used.