Friday, June 17, 2011


Dave approached me today and said he wanted to create a small outdoor herb garden (so he can cook with fresh herbs).

I had just seen this bit of loveliness on the Ruffles and Rust Square facebook page and got totally inspired!

So I asked my sweet hubby if we could set up two chairs on our deck for his herb garden, and he readily agreed!  Have I told you how much I love this man?!?!  Most guys would have said I was crazy, or silly, or would have demanded "why should my herb garden look all girly?", but not my hub.  He's amazing.  And he loves me.  And he lets me do silly, frilly, things like this to our house.

He did however draw the line at driving to Snohomish to pick up this already functioning chair garden.  Sigh.  I'll update soon when I find the perfect chairs for our herb project.  ;)  Maybe I can sneak out there and pick it up when he's not looking.  Hehe.


scrappernic said...

Love it! We planted herbs this year--just a pot, not a really cool chair :) We love being able to go out and snip fresh chives, basil, cilantro, and rosemary. Our cilantro is taking over, though. I think we'll have to transplant it.

Joel and Amy said...

Love it! I have had an old chair I've been meaning to paint and use as a flower planter for...oh...about 5 years now. My husband keeps begging me to get rid of it, but I just can't. Thanks for the inspiration...need to get to the paint store and get that chair out in my garden.

Patty said...

Your patio herb garden is going to be amazing! Be sure to post when it's planted! And how lucky your husband is to have a wife who appreciates all the really important things about him.