Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Paint? New Bed? New Room?

In the past few weeks, I've gone antiquing, scoured tons of blogs, and poured through magazines galore.  I'm so smitten with the "flea market chic" look.  It's terrible (in a really wonderful and exciting way) because I have so many ideas just spinning around in my head, and not enough time to make them a reality.

For instance, Dave and I have been living in our new home for a year now, and our bedroom is still plain, boring, and has nothing going for it - except this truly fabulous sofa that I got at an estate sale (along with a truly horrendous bedroom set).

Well, then Mrs. Emily Jones had to go inspire me with this incredible bedroom make over.  I had originally thought of doing a dark purple accent wall in my bedroom - but after seeing her post, I'm all over a dark navy blue wall instead.  (Click on the photo to be taken to her post).


Then Janee had to go and post a montage of awesome beds on her blog... so of course I'm now on the lookout for new linens, pillows, end tables, and of course a bed frame.   (Click the photo to be taken to her post - she has even more photos there).

Yes... so now I've now begun scouring the interwebs and local shops for a rustic, vintage-esque, french-ish, cool, bed frame   Because in the almost 11 years that we've been married (anniversary = July 8th) Dave and I have never bought a bed frame.  There was always something else out there that we thought we "needed" or wanted more.  Oooh - and I think I need a chandelier too.   I had one in our old house in Ruby's room, but Dave made me leave it when we moved.  (He said it was because we had to leave the fixture in place since the new owners had seen it in the walk through.  I think it really was because it was a bugger to install and he didn't want to have to re-install a new fixture.)  But I digress...

Here are some of the images I've fallen in love with... and who knows... maybe the navy wall will stay a white wall.  Hmmm... so many possibilities!

Just look at those birdcages... and the night stand... and the wall paper... and the dress form!  Swoon.

Yes please.  I'll take it.
French Style Bedroom Interior

WOW!  Could that brick wall be any more fabulous?
Feminine with an Edge - decorating ideas, transform bedroom

Shabby Chic Charm - decorating ideas, transform bedroom

I'll be sure to post before and after pictures if I can get my act together.  

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