Sunday, January 15, 2012

Math and Pregnancy

So, in case you haven't heard, something happens to the brains of some pregnant women in which we tend to forget things and make functional errors that seem perfectly explainable and defensible (specifically mathematical ones in my case).  Perhaps it is so we won't feel so supremely overwhelmed after the baby comes and we are awakened throughout the night.  Or maybe it is because all of the blood and nutrients needed to grow a baby are taken into the uterus in direct proportion with our brains.  Regardless, I've had some interesting "preggo brain" moments this weekend.

Last night in describing a banner I had made - I said that the phrase "DOG ROOM" had 8 letters and 9 spaces (including the one between the words).  In my mind, dog room really did have 8 letters, and it wasn't until my father in law spelled it out that I realized my mistake.

And then this morning, as I was updating the yarn marathon information I was totally delighted to find that I was already nearly HALF WAY to reaching my first marathon.  I bragged to Dave about this, but then started thinking back on my completed projects.  A shawl, 2 pairs of gloves, 2 owl hats...  really?  That was enough yarn stretched out end to end to equal 26.2 miles???  Something was wrong.

I pulled out my calculator and started doing the math... okay -  a mile is 5280 ft which equals 1760 yards.  Then it hit me...  I hadn't calculated a marathon, only a mile on my tracker.  In the words of Homer Simpson - "DOH!"

So... I'm excited to announce that I've almost knit 1/2 a mile of yarn so far this year.  And my tracker is now updated to the correct 46,112 yards needed to make a marathon.

And with that.  I'm off to knit a little more....

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