Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sewing Again

I promised Samantha ages ago that I would make her a banner for her new room.  And since her birthday is just about upon us it was time to pull out my sewing machine!  It hasn't seen much light since all the rush orders before Christmas, but it felt good to get back into sewing again tonight.

I wish the photo wasn't so blurry - because my new Ikea lamp shade is so super cute I had to show it off.

And my in-laws gave me this uber cute pin cushion for Christmas, so of course I had to show it off too.  :)

And here's Sam's banner about 2/3 done.  The letters are sewn on, the pennant triangles are finished, I just have to hand stitch the letters to the pennants and add the twill ribbon along the top.  I'm super happy that her family party is the day after her real birthday (when she get's to open it), so I can hang it in the family room with some color coordinating balloons for her party.  Won't that be cute?  

I bought extra fabric and am making a few "love" banners too for my etsy shop.  Wouldn't they be great for Valentine's day?  Check back in about a week and I should have them listed.  

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